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JASMINE - Sunrise, FL

Giselle and her team are wonderful to work with, especially given the pandemic conditions we all are experiencing. My daughters receive and enjoy a curriculum tailored to their specific needs. They've shown great improvement and confidence in each of their areas of concern. I'm very impressed with the progress they've made and even more excited to see how far they will grow with Tree Stars' help.

THUY - Sunrise, FL

I highly recommend Tree Stars Learning to any parent who's in dire need of help for their little one. Tree Stars Learning not only goes above and beyond but they created goals for my son and they’re very accommodating! My son has so much FUN and learns a lot!

JOHN - Tamarac, FL

Tree Stars went above and beyond to ensure my child's success. The owner developed a specialized plan (goals) to help my child succeed! I would highly recommend Tree Stars Learning to anyone who needs tutoring services for their child.

ANNE L. - Parkland, FL

Summer CAMP!!! But a little background first...My son Zen started his 1st-grade year reading on kindergarten level A. Plans were to retain him, even though socially he is beyond his years. This tutoring company took him to read at the level by April! More importantly, Zen LOVES to read now. He’s excited when it’s “tutor time.”

TIFFANY L. - Boca Raton, FL

Tree Stars Learning tutoring service is so dope. She is professional, she performs a test to diagnose your child’s needs at the very first visit and her teaching methods produce such great results. She is such a wonderful tutor to my son and her staff is all pleasant and qualified teaching professionals. If you are looking for a tutor in the Broward/Boca Raton area. Please reach out to her, she will gladly accommodate your child’s tutoring needs. Please check out her company.

STEPHANIE G. - Sunrise, FL

TSL is absolutely amazing! I received a response right away and was able to schedule a time to discuss what I was looking for. Giselle gave me great options and suggestions to fit my son's needs. She was super detailed about what would be happening during his sessions.

My son's teacher Ms. Sasha is great! She’s kind and patient. Dealing with a three-year-old is not easy and she really takes her time with him. We are already seeing growth. He is using complete sentences and his motor skills are improving.


I love working with TSL educators. They’re friendly, responsive, and really care about making sure my son understands the task at hand and has all the resources needed to solve the problems given to him. They’re flexible and very understanding! They help with homework and prepare him for standardized testing. Mrs. Giselle really loves what she does and has a world of patience! I would definitely recommend them to anyone looking for tutors :).


I am so happy that a friend recommended Tree Star Learning to me for my daughter! Giselle and her team really make sure to align the curriculum to my daughter’s educational needs. My daughter really enjoys her teacher and look forward to learning new things with her. I am so happy with my daughter’s progress and looking forward to what she will accomplish in the future with Tree Stars Learning.


Tree Stars Learning was recommended to us by a neighbor of ours.  Ms.  Giselle came to the house, accessed the boys, and tailored an individualized learning plan for my two sons.   We were assigned Ms. Erinn and WOW  the boys have made tremendous progress in a short period of time.  They are really responding and love their tutor, Ms. Erinn.   I would highly recommend the Tree Star Learning program to anyone whose child needs help.  Thank you for providing such wonderful service to the children in the South Florida community.


Our experience with Giselle and her amazing team of tutors at Tree Stars Learning has been phenomenal.  My son's first six sessions with Ms. Amrita went so well, that he asked me for another six sessions! She is very nice and patient and explains everything so well.  She gives me updates on what she thinks he can work on.  Since we started tutoring, his grades in Algebra have gone up. He no longer complains about math either. He seems so much more confident than before when it comes to the subject.  We will definitely continue with Tree Stars Learning as he starts high school soon!  Thank you so much for helping him!


I'm so happy that Tree Stars has been working with my daughter.  Their plan was specific to identify weakness for enhancement and furthering my daughter's strengths from the initial assessment. I see how passionate they are as they are always coming with new tools, props and games to make learning fun. I'm looking forward to adding my new kindergartener to the program. I've referred many people to Tree Stars, all of which who are happy and rave about them. Engaging Tree Stars is one of the few silver linings of the pandemic.


I highly recommend tree star learning. The owner of the company Gissele is excellent she is devoted to making sure that each child gets what is needed to succeed. My son started tutoring with Mrs Amy during the pandemic and he was below grade level on his testing, I was so proud to hear from his teacher that he has made such a improvement and is now excelling. Thank you to tree star for all that you have done to help along with his teacher to get him up to speed.


Tree Stars Learning is a great tutoring company that has a professional and reliable team. My son was on the verge of being retained in 3rd grade and had to pass his summer reading test in order to be promoted to the next grade level. Within the short time that TSL tutored him, he improved significantly and even passed his reading test. His tutor Ms Sherronne was wonderful and patient at meeting his needs. My family and I are so grateful for the services provided by Ms Giselle and the TSL team and would highly recommend.


My Daughter started TSL this summer and had an amazing experience! She would look forward to her next sessions because her tutor Amy made it fun! Both Giselle and Ms. Amy are professional, accommodating, and friendly. We’ve done tutoring before, but TSL was by far the best! 


Strongly recommend Tree Star Learning to anyone looking for 1/1 help in any subject for their child!


We could not have made a better decision to entrust our son's reading, and comprehension needs to Tree Stars Learning.


Each session was very structured, fun, and engaging. As parents, we were engaged through weekly touchpoint calls with Mrs. Giselle to discuss his progress and address any concerns. There was never a moment of concern as our son's progress in his comprehension skills peaked, and he kept excelling.


We want to give special recognition to Ms. Esther, who created a nurturing environment with special teaching techniques curated to his needs. Our son looked forward to each tutoring session.


An overall great and reassuring experience. Thank you for all your dedication and support.


Tree stars learning was an excellent fit for my son's learning needs. My primary goal for enrolling him was to increase his confidence as a reader and prepare him for 3rd grade. Each week his confidence grew, and I can see the progress in his beginning of the year assessments.


Ms. Amanda made learning fun for him, and he looked forward to meeting with her every week. She was very knowledgeable and patient, which is what he needed. TSL is a well-organized tutoring program, and they meet your child’s individual needs. Mrs. McClymont provided me with a mid and post-conference to review my child’s progress, and I found that to be very impressive!


TSL has been one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. My son was behind on so many fundamental bases, COVID only made it more challenging, and this team was everything we needed. I highly recommend TSL; they are passionate about what they do and customize programs according to your child’s needs which is what every child deserves and needs to succeed. Thank you for your professionalism and dedication.


We love Mrs. Giselle. She is so great with my son. He’s made great progress and continues to reach his goals with her help!

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